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Toyota Mark X Premium

Toyota Mark X Premium from Aug 2012 to Oct 2016 model

3.5L V 6-cylinder DOHC “2GR-FSE” engine of 318 hp.
Equipped with a super intelligent six-speed automatic, it combines a FR(rear-wheel drive) which has become less recent. As a result, acceleration, transmission feeling, and fuel efficiency are excellent!
Because it is equipped with a Sequential manual transmission in all cars, you can feel like you’re in a manual car.

I transplant ad Vicks “aluminum thing block 4 pot facing caliper” made and a large diameter disk rotor (size/334 φ of 17 inches) which 3.5 L of the crown athlete carries and, to raise stopping power and cope with the power & torque that adopts a tire of the 235/45/R18 size.

Engine 3.5L
Type 2GR-FSE
V 6-Cylinder DOHC
Displacement 3.499cc
Inner Diameter x Stroke 94.0×83.0mm
Compression Ratio 11.8
Maximum Output 318 hp/6400
Maximum torque 38.7kg.m/ 4800
Fuel supply device cylinder direct + port fuel injection device <D-4S>
FAD (number of vibrations response) shock absorber
unrelated premium gasoline 71L
super UV cut glass (front door glass)

The brakes are a premium grade of 3.5L and a 350S grade (including four and 4WD) adopts a front and rear two-wheel benched disc +4 pod facing caliper, and the rear side is the disc brake on the front only. Driver Assist Only 3.5L Premium Grade has the following high-performance driver assist features: The computer manages the brake system, including VDIM and traction control, and automatically controls the position of the understeer and oversteer in the event of a tire idle or slip, while assisting the driver to run ideally.

It is equipped with a pre-crash safety system and radar cruise control with brake control. A safety system is installed to prevent collisions. The preceding car is automatically detected by radar, and the driver is secured in three stages when the distance between the cars is too close. For the first time, the warning alert output, but still with little braking operation, assists with braking as a second step, and when collision concerns are raised, the automatic braking and pre-crash seat belt systems activate to try to avoid collisions or reduce collision impacts. (3.5L premium grade only)


Intelligent AFS becomes standard equipment. This is a service that allows the headlight stoop to illuminate the direction of the corner when the night curve is bent, and the headlight illuminates the exit direction of the curve with poor night outlook.