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Shipping Cars From Japan

Shipping Cars from Japan

The process of shipping cars from Japan to Australia usually takes place if an Australian who has been living in Japan returns home and wishes to transport their car home with them. It will also take place if a person in Australia has purchased a car either through a private seller or through an authorised auction site such as LIB Australia. Fortunately, there’s an eight step process implemented by the Australian Government that’s designed to take the stress out of the process and improve accountability as well. LIB Australia specialises in helping Australians navigate their way through the process of shipping a car from Japan to Australia. With years of experience behind us, we’ll help you dot the I’s and cross the T’s to ensure you receive your vehicle on time, in optimal condition and in one piece.

The 8 Steps to Follow When Shipping a Car from Japan to Australia

The eight step process as implemented by the Australian Government when it comes to shipping cars from Japan is as follows:

  1. Research – Find out if the car is eligible to enter Australia, the import option you’re able to apply under, any costs that might be involved, turnaround times for permits and documentation, and any potential risks that might arise during the journey
  2. Application for a vehicle import approval – Involves filling out an application form and paying a $50 fee
  3. Receive approval
  4. Organise transportation of vehicle – Includes steam cleaning inside and out, removal of any air conditioning gas, and organising of any asbestos testing if necessary
  5. Obtain customs clearance
  6. Ensure the vehicle meets strict Australian quarantine requirements and compliance benchmarks
  7. Ensure the vehicle meets import approval regulations. Organise any legal modifications and alterations
  8. Register the vehicle

If you need qualified assistance with shipping vehicles from Japan to Australia, speak to the professionals at LIB Australia.