LIB Australia specialises in importing Japanese vehicles..

Japanese Vehicle Importers

Japanese Vehicle Importers

When you can’t find the right car or people mover on Australian soil to meet your needs, why not look overseas at the best Japanese import cars currently available? International vehicle importers LIB Australia specialise in the importation of high-quality, second hand vehicles for use in Australia. If you’ve had enough of spending hours each weekend going from car yard to car yard only to fail to find what you’re looking for, LIB Australia can provide access to the best Japanese import cars currently on sale.

What’s the Process?

As leading Japanese vehicle importers, LIB Australia enforces a strict process to ensure that there are no complications with shipping the vehicle over from Japan to Australia. The process starts off with the customer becoming a member of LIB Australia. Once you have registered, you can then scour through our list of Japanese used cars for import to find the vehicle you’re looking for. The next step is to set a maximum price that you’d be prepared to bid for the car – this is an auction, after all. LIB Australia will take care of all the work needed to place the bid on your behalf. If successful, the vehicle will be shipped to Australia, where it will undergo strict compliance checks over 2-3 weeks before being released to the customer.

Contact the Specialists in Japan Auto Imports

LIB Australia remains at the forefront of Japanese car auctions for import purposes in Sydney and Australia wide. We can also assist with the import of Japanese car parts. Sign up to become a member of LIB Australia today to find your dream vehicle.