LIB Australia specialises in importing Japanese vehicles..

Japanese Car Importers in Sydney

Japanese Car Importers in Sydney

When you can’t find the right car via local means to suit your needs, sometimes you need to think outside the box. If you’ve never looked into cheap Japanese import cars, you’re missing a golden opportunity to potentially find your perfect vehicle. As a leading Japanese car importers in Sydney, LIB Australia can provide useful information on how to import cars from Japan to Sydney legally and with ease.

How to Import Cars from Japan to Australia in 8 Steps

The Australian Government has an 8 step procedure that customers or organisations like LIB Australia must abide by to successfully import vehicles into the country. The eight step process is as follows:

  1. Conduct research – Whether the vehicle can legally enter Australia, which import option to apply under, the cost to import a car from Japan, and what documentation you might need.
  2. Apply for a vehicle import approval certificate
  3. Receive approval
  4. Organise shipping of the vehicle
  5. Arrange clearance with Customs
  6. Ensure the vehicle meets Australian quarantine regulations
  7. Ensure the vehicle meets Import Approval Conditions
  8. Register the vehicle

Luckily, LIB Australia can assist you with much of the paperwork and preparation behind the scenes so that when you’re ready to buy Japanese import cars, the process couldn’t be easier.

If you’d like further information on anything from the cost to import a car from Japan through to ensuring it gets cleared from customs with minimal hassle, give LIB Australia a call today.