LIB Australia specialises in importing Japanese vehicles..


Thousands of vehicles are auctioned daily and are sold at great prices everyday in different locations in Japan. LIB Australia specialises in importing Japanese vehicles, offering a wide range of high quality second-hand and demo vehicles with exceptional value to satisfy consumer needs.

We, the LIB Australia (AUS) team, are here to assist and provide as much information as possible with our ongoing auction system, by looking through past sales prices and giving you as much advice as you need to decide whether direct import is a suitable option for you.

Our professional LIB Japan operators are highly qualified, well trained and thus reliable whilst being able to provide excellent customer service with any enquiries or concerns.

Since we mainly sell used and demos, we also provide purchases of vehicle compartments to boost up to the excellent performance.

There may be some hesitation in regards to joining in Japan auctions. However, our friendly and highly skilled staff members will assist you to avoid misunderstanding in Japanese auctions.

We are responsible for tracking the beginning of ongoing trials of present auctions, the shipping from Japan to Australia and until compliance documents are approved. LIB are greatly used for both car dealers, wholesalers and also for end users.

For further inquiries, please contact our office.